Vladikavkaz is located not far from the border with Georgia in the extreme south of Russia. Even before the shops opened their doors this morning, one of the department stores was literally blown off the face of the Earth, leaving only ruins. According to the Reuters news agency, the cause of the explosion was a gas leak, but investigators have only just begun their work.

Vladikavkaz, explosion, trade


Explosion in Vladikavkaz.

According to the first reports, one person died in the explosion, but according to the latest information, it seems that the accident did not claim any casualties, only a security guard in the department store suffered minor injuries. Zurab Zasejev, who was asleep at the time of the explosion. “I fell asleep towards morning, then I was awakened by an explosion. Somehow I managed to crawl out into the open, “ explained Zaseyev. He was examined on the spot by doctors, but they are not worried about his health.

Zurab Zaseyev, Vladikavkaz, explosion, trade


Security guard Zurab Zaseyev got the green light from the doctors, everything is fine with him.