One of Peter’s talents is music, so we asked him if he ever picks up the flute again and when was the last time he performed with a band he had played with for years. »I also last played clarinet during quarantine. I performed with the band two years ago, when I was leading the event in Velenje. I was actually a presenter, and we started by sitting with tin music, like I used to, and playing. Then I got up in a band uniform and started running the event. When I played these songs that I last played with a band 25 or even 30 years ago, so the feelings were beautiful, I relived my youth again. It is not said that I will not return to this collective when I get out of this wild pace later in life. ” And poker, that too still game? »I still play poker, every week with friends for ten years. This is a wonderful tradition that we keep. It’s not so much about playing as it is about socializing, enjoying the company of people who you love them. “


Did he discover any more of his hidden talent during the long quarantines? »I didn’t discover new talent, but I devoted myself to old talents that I had neglected. I picked up the instruments again, in addition to the ones listed, also the guitar, I’m off the wall fast its special that is hung there for four years, even washed it and drove a few rides, it was great. I started cultivating old loves again, “ he says Peter, who is also very good with tools, so he likes to fix or make things at home, which is especially true of his Niki and daughters.