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  • SONY SRS-XB43, SRS-XB33 and SRS-XB23 with improved sound quality with the newly developed X-Balanced speaker unit

  • Unlimited music listening for waterproof, dustproof and shockproof design[1] owing to

  • Fresh produce has a renewed style, such as the new compact, easy-to-carry design of the SRS-XB23

[1] Available for XB33 and XB23 only.

The voice you want to share


Wherever you are, enjoy deep, percussive bass with the latest wireless speakers. EXTRA BASSTM sound is provided by a range of XB wireless speakers thanks to Sony’s audio technology detailed below.

X-Balance speaker unit

Sony’s newly developed X-Balanced speaker unit delivers excellent sound quality and strong frequency for a richer and deeper music experience. The angular shape of the unit maximizes the area of ​​the speaker diaphragm, increasing the sound pressure for more accurate bass. It also reduces device oscillation, so it can maintain the same sound pressure with less distortion. The sound pressure level on the XB33 increased by approximately 30% and the distortion ratio decreased by almost 25% compared to the previous SRS-XB32 model.

Unlike the circular diaphragm of a conventional speaker, a SONY XB43 Its X-Balanced speaker unit features an almost rectangular diaphragm. Its two-way speaker system combines a subwoofer with a dedicated tweeter to achieve low and mid frequencies as well as a higher frequency range. The result is a strong, percussive sound and exceptional vocal clarity.

The XB33 and that XB23 In this case, the X-Balanced speaker unit has a newly developed square-shaped diaphragm and a non-convention design. The new design maximizes the speaker diaphragm – increasing sound pressure – while keeping the size of the speakers compact.

Honeycomb pattern (MRC) speaker cone

The rigid and lightweight honeycomb pattern (MRC) speaker cone contributes to quality sound production.

Side, passive radiators

The side, passive speakers have been optimized to help all three models emit clear bass sound.


LIVE SOUND mode creates a three-dimensional sound experience reminiscent of a live show and party.

Sony XB43

More experience, less worry

Water, dust and rust resistant

Thanks to the IP67 rating, you can take the devices to the beach, the forest, the desert or anywhere you take them, no matter how much dust you have. The speakers are also resistant to salt water so that nothing hinders entertainment on the beach.


The speakers[3] they have undergone severe vibration tests, which guarantee that they are guaranteed to withstand the bumps, bumps and scratches that inevitably occur in everyday use. Two-handed accidents do not endanger the speakers either[4], functional[5] remain.

Non-stop entertainment and new form factor


With their new design, the speakers easily create a festive atmosphere, where you can enjoy the alternation of countless combinations of colors while listening to music, the light strip, the stroboscope[7] and using speaker lights.

Fiestable[8] and Sony | Music Center applications

With the “Fiestable” co-application[9] you can create a real club feel. When navigating with your smartphone, the lights can be integrated with the rhythm of the music.

The free “Sony | Music Center ”application[10] you can control the operation of the speaker from the dance floor. With the app, you are free to select your favorite playlists, skip upcoming songs, and turn off the lights just the way you want it.

Party Connect

Connect up to 100 wireless speakers with the new Party Connect feature[11] BLUETOOTH® technology and the music and lights are in full harmony.


The wireless speakers can be charged with the USB-Type-C®-with the newly supported chargers.

Battery life and connectivity

It’s up to 24 hours[12] thanks to battery capacity, the party lasts all night. For more charging[13] the smartphone can be connected to the speaker via a USB Type-A cable so that the battery can last as long as its user. Bluetooth® is located in NFC ™[14] Thanks to these technologies, you can listen to your favorite music on the go through the connected speakers.



A SONY SRS-XB43 model is expected From August 2020 becomes available in black and blue.

A SONY SRS-XB33 model is expected From August 2020 it is available in black, blue, red and taupe (beige).

A SONY SRS-XB33 model From August 2020 available in black, blue, red, taupe and green.

[1] LIVE SOUND mode is only available for XB43 and XB33.

[2] Products XB33 and XB23 have undergone comprehensive impact testing.

[3] Products XB33 and XB23 have undergone comprehensive impact testing.

[4] For XB33 and XB32 only.

[5] Dropping or damaging the speakers due to mechanical shock may cause deterioration of water and dust resistance.

[6] For XB43 and XB33 only.

[7] The strobe is only available for the XB43.

[8] Fiestable is only available for XB43 and XB33.

[9] Available on Google Play and the App Store.

[10] Available on Google Play and the App Store.

[11] Only compatible with SRS-XB43, SRS-XB33, SRS-XB23.

[12] Up to 24 hours battery life (STAMINA mode / lighting off) for XB43 / XB33 only, the XB23 has a maximum battery life of 12 hours (STAMINA mode). Actual performance may vary depending on the time, volume, songs played, ambient temperature, and conditions of use.

[13] Only available for XB43 and XB33.

[14] NFC is only available for XB43 and XB33.