PDECat and Puigdemont are vying for the JxCat brand

The announcement by former president Carles Puigdemont to turn the Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) space into a political party has further rarefied relations with the PDECat leadership. If so far the public criticism had been spared, this Friday the party’s spokesman, Marc Solsona, openly charged against the former president’s movement and warned him of two things: that the JxCat brand is his and that the PDECat it will not allow double militancy with the new formation. “You can try to confuse people, but what is clear is that JxCat is a party registered by the PDECat,” he said in an interview with The newspaper, claiming trademark ownership. He added: “The PDECat does not envisage double militancy. As happened with the Partit Nacionalista de Catalunya, they will have to make a decision and leave the party ”.

The PDECat spokesperson was quick to respond. The deputy and spokesperson for Barcelona, ​​Elsa Artadi, told him that the name JxCat belonged to more than one million voters in the party. In an interview with SER Catalunya, Artadi -who is from the nucleus closest to the former president- said that the brand went “beyond” the Democratic Party and that he identified with Puigdemont. The deputy placed the new party of the former chief executive in the “progressive center”, noting that it is open to everyone, including people from Convergence.

The JxCat brand will be one of the key topics in the talks in the coming days, because it is one of the negotiating tools of the PDECat since the beginning of the organization of JxCat -it was registered as a party in 2018-. In fact, during the Spanish elections of 2019 Jordi Sànchez and David Bonvehí signed an agreement, aimed at drawing up the electoral lists, in which they promised not to use the JxCat brand if there was no agreement between the two parties.

Although Puigdemont’s announcement of a new party has been read as a knock on the door by PDECat, the truth is that contacts have been maintained between Sànchez and Bonvehí and also Puigdemont to try to avoid the break. Right now everything points to the two formations going to the polls separately, but there are those who hold out hope of finding a last-minute fit. A formula that, says one observer in the negotiations, should not take long to arrive so that the rift between the PDECat leadership and Puigdemont does not get even worse. Others consulted already see any pact very difficult and some voices even believe that there are already people – even if it is a minority – on both sides who do not want any agreement: those who prefer a PDECat clearly on the right and those of the Call, who want nothing to do with members of the legacy of the old Convergence.

Consultation in the Call

While the PDECat has chosen not to move in front of Puigdemont’s announcement, the Call will. This Friday the general secretary, Toni Morral, sent a letter to the associates to inform them that there will be a consultation on the future of the organization in relation to the party of Puigdemont. “According to the criteria of the government of the Call, it conforms to our founding values,” he said. Next week the management will decide the specific question that will be raised in the rules, with the forecast that they will support mostly the new organization of the former president.