PD Young-seok Na, Lee Soo-geun and the new country’Lee Sik-dang’ launched instead of the promise to travel to the moon… 5 minutes

CJ ENM Na Young-suk PD (picture on the left) and broadcaster Lee Soo-geun (picture on the right), who have been in tune for a long time, come to the new entertainment program.

According to tvN on the 4th, PD and Lee Soo-geun are preparing for’Leesikdang’ (gauze).

The recording and broadcasting date is unknown, and it is said to be planned for a 5-minute broadcast.

The Transplant Party is part of the’Keeping the Dharma Commitment’ project, which has been a big topic last year.

I PD made a pledge to send YouTube star Lee Soo-geun and singer Eun Ji-won to the moon when they opened YouTube’Channel Fifteen Nights’ in November last year.

When the actual number of subscribers surpassed 1 million and was put in crisis (?) to go to the moon, PD changed the words that it would release a broadcast featuring Lee Soo-geun and Eun Ji-won instead of the promise of the moon.

Pros that promised production at the time were’Lonely Lee Restaurant’, where Eun Ji-won starred,’I’m the only one who lives alone.

Eun Ji-won fulfilled his pledge to the TVN entertainment’Sam Cine Seki’ of the group Sekskis, where he is a leader.

Last May, PD PD attended Samcineseki’s LIVE briefing session and raised expectations by saying, “After the Samsineseki’s death, there is a plan to launch’Lee’s restaurant’ and’Kenya Gan’ for Mr. Lee Soo-geun.”

Previously, PD had consistently experimented with 5 minutes of organizing through’Shinseo Organic Abduction: Three Times Three – Three Between Iceland’,’Raki Nam’, and Three Cine Three.

Hyewon Lee, Online News Reporter [email protected]

Photo = Reporter Kyungho Kim and Yoonjong Han

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