Parliament agrees to demand more resources from the state to deal with the covid-19 crisis

JxCat and ERC have managed to push forward in Parliament one of their main demands to deal with the covid-19 crisis: that the state provide more resources to overcome the decline in revenue resulting from the pandemic. The Catalan Parliament has approved the motions of the parties of the government, urging the Spanish government to flexibly deficit target of 1%. However, the two pro-independence groups have failed to drag in either the PSC or the commons to put pressure on the Spanish government on this issue, taking advantage of the fact that they are part of the coalition executive. The Socialists voted against it and the commons abstained.

JxCat and ERC seek to drag PSC and commons to demand more resources from the state and a relaxation of the deficit

The reproaches launched by the ERC spokeswoman in Parliament, Anna Caula, from the lectern of the chamber when she addressed the PSC and the commons to reprimand them that, despite being both part of the government, have not worked Spanish, ask in some motions for a resolution that the Government pressure the executive of Pedro Sánchez. “Let’s go the direct route,” he asked. Caula has gone so far as to accuse the PSC of “cynicism” and has made the two groups of the recentralization of powers “co-responsible”. A thesis to which the deputy of JxCat Marta Madrenas has also subscribed, who has considered that the “recentralization and the decrees of state of alarm have fallen like a slab” on the citizenship of Catalonia.

At present, the deficit target for 2020 remains at 0% and groups in the government are calling for it to reach at least 1%. The two parties also called on the state to guarantee the necessary “resources” to the Generalitat to deal with the reconstruction and to allow the municipalities to use the budget “surpluses” to take anti-emptiness measures. At this point, a proposal by JxCat to ask the state to allow the councils to have these resources has prospered with the favorable vote of the PSC and the abstention of the commons.

Report on the costs of the crisis

JxCat and ERC consider that the resources provided by the State are essential to reprioritize the 2020 budgets. Precisely on this issue, the PSC has managed to push forward its resolution urging the Government to submit a report no later than this July in Parliament on the extraordinary expenses caused by the health crisis and also on the impact on “tax revenues”. The proposal has gone ahead with the support of the entire opposition and against the will of both parties in government, as JxCat and ERC have voted against it.

In her speech, the spokeswoman for the PSC in the Catalan Chamber, Eva Granados, criticized the Government for the lack of dialogue in agreeing on the decrees that have been leading to the plenary session of Parliament to deal with the pandemic, but also to agree on budget changes. In this regard, Granados recalled that many opposition groups have supported it and reprimanded ERC, but also JxCat, for the lack of support for the state of alarm extensions. “Reconstruction needs to be done with agreements,” Granados warned.

The deputy of Catalonia in Common – Podem Susanna Segovia has taken the same line, reprimanding the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, for asking for “extra billions” but not saying “how they should be ‘achieve”. “We want Parliament to demand from the state government, not just us,” Segovia justified himself in the face of criticism from Torra and also from those launched today by Caula. The commons, however, have failed to get the government to side with the Spanish executive to negotiate the recovery plan presented by the European Commission. JxCat and ERC voted against, along with the PP. Nor have they been able to push through their proposal to raise the wealth and empty housing tax, because government parties have not backed the proposal in a further show of cooling between the three groups after approving the 2020 budgets. together.

No deadline for 2021 budgets

The PP had asked the Government to design a budget proposal for 2021 to be submitted before October 10 this year, as set by law. The popular proposal, however, has not gone ahead. PP MP Daniel Serrano has criticized the Catalan executive for “improvisation” in the management of the epidemic and has asked him to put a needle in the needle to reorient policies for reconstruction. His proposal to lower taxes, however, has also been rejected.

The Conservative MP’s criticism has been joined by Citizens ‘MP José María Cano, who has denounced the government’s “three and a half months’ delay” in tackling the health crisis caused by the pandemic. In this sense, he has called for a “reorientation” of the 2020 budgets and work on those of 2021.

Deploy the Public Health Agency

On the other hand, the plenary has also approved a new health pact, proposed by the PSC, and to increase spending on health to reach 7% of GDP. In addition, Parliament has also endorsed a proposal by JxCat and ERC that called for the deployment of the Public Health Agency and that the Government could have “direct” participation in the World Health Organization (WHO). The proposal has received the votes in favor of the CUP. The coupars, in general, have made an amendment to the entire monographic plenary on the pandemic because they consider that all the proposals that have been made do not imply a “social transformation”. “What covid-19 has done is accelerate a systemic crisis, a system that is exhausted,” said deputy cupaire Maria Sirvent.