Parkipelago: the floating park of Copenhagen

In Denmark, several small floating islands will be created, thus giving life to a real one Parkipelago.

The islands themselves will be installed in the south port of Copenhagen and will be built by hand locally, using traditional boat building techniques. They will be built with recycled materials and coming from sustainable sources.

The islands, open to the public, will have different shapes and sizes and will be covered with grass and trees. They will move in the port during the different seasons and will be available for swimmers, kayakers and sportsmen. They can also be joined if necessary for special events, in order to create a large single island.

The first prototype island, called CPH-Ø1, was completed in 2018 and quickly became popular for picnics and photo exhibitions. This will be followed by 3 other islands which will be launched this year.

But there are several scheduled in the coming years. Some ideas include floating saunas, mussel farms and much more.

The islands of Copenhagen introduce a completely new type of public park in Copenhagen, but they are also a new challenge, in a global context in which rising sea levels lead to a review of urban environments.

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