Parit Watcharasindu : A new chapter in the distant past, joins the National Assembly, laying out the country’s budget.

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Ice cream Parit Watcharasindu Former Leader of the New Dem Group Democratic Party Today, he changed the color of the tie from blue to orange. “The Party goes a long way” full body

After going to be a team behind the scenes for 2-3 years with a team in the foreground with “The Progressive Council” pushes for constitutional amendments

Prachachat Business talks with “Ice-Tim” as the communications and campaign manager for the Progressive Party’s policy campaign. to join the party’s policy thinking from upstream to downstream in order to push the party forward to become a government in the future

and the latest role He has been appointed as an extraordinary commission (CAT) to consider the 2023 Budget Expenditure Act 2023, amounting to 3.18 trillion baht, which he aims to protect people’s tax money fully.

Role in progress

Parit tells about his work now that he looks at the policy campaign from the upstream to the downstream of the policy making process.

Upstream is working with the policy team to analyze the challenges facing Thailand and its people. And how do we offer a solution? Try to participate in policy thinking carefully. When the party advances to become a government, it can actually be done.

In the middle of the water is the process of creating for people involved to participate in the presentation, have a feed back, as well as bring the policy to talk to experts about what we think. What is his opinion? and adjust it to be more precise

Downstream, combine all policies to communicate to the people. especially when there will be a big election next year If you choose to go further, then become a government What kind of policy will we implement? and how to improve the quality of life of the people

People’s Tax Defender

for the duty of being Budget committee year 2023, which is the last year of the government. Gen. Prayut to make a budget Next year will be the role of the new government. The Progressive Party sees that our role has two roles at the same time.

Role 1 Auditing Ask questions about budget allocation. whether all of them are allocated to departments and ministries, are they really in line with the country’s urgent missions?

This year we see that there are a lot of problems. The economy is in need of recovery after a long period of impact from COVID-19, with millions of people losing their jobs. Many households suffer from debt, SMEs have died down, but the budget for investment in economic development has dropped by 10%, and most of the budget has been spent on building roads. which does not answer the most urgent tasks

The country’s structure is moving forward

Role 2 We also serve to set the hopes of the people. and prepare to take over the country that if we are the government We will be able to run the country to really improve their quality of life.

We therefore try to study the budget allocation process. to take it as a lesson Engage in the development of party policies There is still a state structure, a step forward. If we come in as a government, we will allocate the roles of each agency. or the structure of the state

For example, the missions of this country should be local. For this reason, he cooperated with the Faculty of Advancement. in amending the constitution to decentralize more local power

allocate public policies related to infrastructure Related to welfare, education should be primarily transferred to the local area.

In addition to decentralization must also try to see Under the budget of more than 700 agencies, are there any agencies that perform duplicate functions? How to be more integrated

For example, the mission of collecting government revenues is divided into 3 departments, namely the Excise Department, the Customs Department, and the Revenue Department, which some countries have merged with these 3 agencies. to make work more efficient And we see that the countries that have merged these 3 agencies come together. There may be a high income-to-GDP ratio as well.

Of course, it may not be a fixed solution. But this kind of question we would like to ask to study the possibility or not to make the state structure more efficient.

Government budget vs far ahead

Parit compares the difference in the current government budget. with the advanced budget that we want the budget allocation to be less historically based, don’t do anything just because it did this before. But try to reference the present and the future more. in order to solve current problems and prepare the country for the future in 6 areas

1. Change the hard budget allocation to a more flexible budget allocation Now, if you look at the numbers It can be seen that the income that the country has collected during the past 2-3 years is at 2.4 trillion baht, but 2 trillion baht in expenses was spent on non-adjustable things such as personnel budgets, interest payments. Welfare guaranteed by law

Shows that we have only four hundred billion baht in fiscal space. This is not enough to prepare the country to cope with the current and future crises.

Therefore, there must be a way to earn additional income, such as collecting land tax. by collecting tax from all areas that the owner has land all over the country Previously, there was a separate tax collection.

The research of an institute in Thailand states that Able to increase income of 100 billion baht is the idea of ​​a far-reaching party. how to earn more without increasing the tax burden of most people

2. We need to allocate our budget by looking at new challenges, not just crises. but see it as an opportunity to build a new economic engine, such as the challenge of global turmoil climate problem We can build a green economy industry. which can create jobs that are environmentally friendly

“One idea that the Progressive Party has is We now see the problem that many farmers may face debt problems. We think that if some farmers have a lot of debt but has land May allocate the budget to the state to rent those lands to plant trees. On the one hand, farmers receive rental income, allowing them to gradually pay off their debts, but on the other hand, the country has more trees. which helps the country’s greenhouse effect.”

3. Change from top-down budget allocation come bottom up not just injecting into big capital and expect everything to follow. but must try to inject into the real economy by trying to develop the basic economy or SMEs must allocate more budget to small businesses

such as the receipt lottery project If anyone buys products from SMEs, they will receive a lottery or lottery back. which can lead to a chance to win prizes to encourage SMEs to have a handicap and be able to grow

4. Change from the allocation of budget from a cluster to a decentralized, decentralized to more local areas because in the end, the local government organization (local administration) whose executives are elected should be a mechanism that understands people’s problems and responsible for the people in the area the best

5. Changing the view of helping people from welfare to effective welfare is to allocate universal welfare which universal welfare is a guarantee that at least no matter what crisis The state will lay a net to provide you with a continuing quality of life.

If the party advances to become a government We aim for the welfare budget to increase from 2.5% of GDP to 5% of GDP by providing welfare benefits from birth to old age. If a newborn 0-6 years old is 1,200 per person/month, 7-22 years old is 800 baht per person/month. and if it is an elderly person 60 years and over, it is 3,000 baht per person/month

6. Changing traditional interpretations of stability to broad or new In the past, the state often interpreted security as a matter of the military. But now the world has changed. and there are more diverse security threats The global turmoil may even pose a threat to Thai people’s lives more than a military security threat.

The budget goes a long way will allow the country to deal with immediate problems and better cope with future challenges and hope to change people’s feelings of regret about paying taxes come to be proud and saw that the tax was really used effectively

Go far – ice cream same dream

Asked why he chose to work in politics with the Progressive Party, “Ice-Tim” replied that if he was going to join any party, there was only one question that our dream country. Which party is the most relevant? My dreams and the party go the most in the same way. decided to come in

I always compare a country to a piece of cake. That may be a cake that includes everyone’s income is GDP Thailand in my dream must have 3 things that happen.

First of all, how to make the cake grow bigger, so that the cake can grow, me and my party going forward look the same way. We need to reform the economic structure. to find new economic engines

Budgeting from top to bottom Can’t go injecting just big capital alone. must try to make the basic economy grow make access to capital and must be allocated fairly. is the welfare state How to make the distribution of economic value concentrated in Bangkok? Fairly out to other provinces

And the cake growing up alone is not enough. It must be a delicious cake. That is a democratic society. respecting one right one vote of the people Not a monopoly on any party trying to inherit power.

in terms of values Democracy must permeate all policies, such as the abolition of military service. equal marriage policy

My party and I looked at the same distance. When the ideology is in line with this The picture of Thailand in the dream matched like this. We have to come together to drive this mission for our brothers and sisters together.

partThe political dream of “Prit” said that it was not about me. But how to make the country a cake like I said? everything takes time Politics is all about possibilities. Small changes start to accumulate, small changes to the society we have always dreamed of.

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