ParaPactum, an umbrella – shield to protect the President and personalities

Since its creation in 2011, it has been used by the services of the GSPR (Security Group of the Presidency of the Republic) to protect the various Presidents. If this Tuesday July 14 promises to be rainy in Paris, it could well prove useful in protecting Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the traditional parade … The ParaPactum, baptized at its beginnings the “Sarkozy umbrella”, is not – you guessed it – just protection from the rain.

1 meter high, with a wingspan of 130 centimeters, the ParaPactum comes from the workshops of the Umbrella of Cherbourg, a Norman SME. With its 2,225 kg (the classic models of umbrella do not generally exceed the kilo), the product consists of more than 190 pieces assembled by machines custom-made for the company.

A kevlar canopy

Its manufacture is inspired by the 48 sewing and assembly operations carried out on the brand’s traditional umbrellas. To these are added much more intense processes, resulting from Formula 1, specifies Parapluie de Cherbourg. The umbrella is composed of a carbon pole and a reinforced frame. Its kevlar blade has 8 sides, a water repellent treatment, a protective coating on the inside, anti-tear seams or even a safety velcro.

To be certain of its effectiveness, the model is then tested, in particular, by the Aérotechnique Institute of Saint-Cyr-L’École (Yvelines), then by the GSPR. He is attacked by dogs, with a knife, and throws stones and other projectiles and substances, such as petanque balls and acid.

Resistant to knives

The result? An umbrella worthy of the best James Bond, opaque and waterproof, capable of withstanding a headwind of 200 km / h and more than 100 kg of pressure. In addition to warding off blunt objects, the ParaPactum resists knife attacks and helps repel a crowd that is a little too urgent, assure its creators.

If it is mainly used by the presidential protection services and personalities, it is also because of its price, as high as its resistance to attacks. It is indeed marketed at around 10,000 euros. A pretty contribution for Le Parapluie de Cherbourg, which hires around twenty people and produces around 15,000 classic models each year, a third of which is sold for export to Europe, Africa and Asia.