Paow defends participants after the scandal in Paradise Hotel

It was already in January that the mentioned section of the Danish Paradise Hotel was broadcast but it is not until now that it has gone viral in Sweden and Norway after the Instagram account ”Dyngbaggegalan“Paid attention to the event. The clip has been viewed over half a million times, has thousands of comments – and people are furious.

What happens in the section is that the participants are at a parade ceremony then the hostess Rikke Göransson the participant asks Sarah Dohn, 18, about the participant Türker Alici is her type.

Sarah has faced strong criticism. Image source: NENT GROUP

– So a little, but I don’t like foreigners very much, but he is definitely someone I picked up on if he was not from abroad, replies Sarah Dohn then.

Paradise Hotel Denmark
Cut from the program. Image source: Dyngbaggegalan

“I don’t know how to interpret it,” asks the host.

Sarah Dohn’s replies:

– It’s not because I’m a racist, but I’m not usually interested in foreigners.

The host then says.

– We may need to move on before you set it up for you.

Finally, due to total outcry, the production company chose to remove the section everywhere.

Defended by Paow

One of those who reacted strongly to the clip was Smail Alihodzic.

“The worst thing is that everyone just stands there and laughs,” Smail writes. Image source: Instagram

But someone whose comments differed from the crowd, that was Paulina “Paow” Danielsson.

She meant it was clumsily said by Sarah but she probably didn’t mean what she said.

“You can have a type you are more attracted to,” Paow writes. Image source: Instagram

“She expresses clumsiness I think. She thinks it’s not her type, I prefer bright guys purely attractive as well,” Paow writes.

Many users are furious at Paow’s answer, but she then writes that she herself has a type and prefers light hair and blue eyes.


Sarah has now spoken in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet where she says she didn’t want to hurt the male participant – and that’s why she said what she said.

– What I say comes from sheer nervousness. Rikke asks if Türker is my type. He is not, but I do not want to hurt him. So I try to say that he is not my kind in a nice way, but I did away with it because I was very nervous. It came out very wrong. ”She says.