Paloma Cuevas “does not understand who is riding” after the announcement of their separation

Chelo Gª Cortés has talked to Paloma Cuevas and, after the call, you know that you have a relationship “quiet” and “Relaxed” with Enrique Ponce since they share a single concern: their most direct family environment.

“He does not understand what is being set up because I am also aware that this story of separation had already been told,” added the journalist.

On the other hand, not by Paloma but by another person, he has been able to verify that the information that indicates that he had spent the bullfighter’s heritage is not true: “She is a natural person Independent”.

Who has leaked the news of the separation of Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas?

According to Gema López, the environment of Paloma Cuevas “suspicion” that the news of the separation would have leaked and they would blame the bullfighter: “They believe that, somehow after the confinement, he may have needed to feel free”.

The information of Gema López