This spectacular 305 meter long horizontal skyscraper is in China and is the first of its kind in the world

It is a skyscraper, se llama The Crystal, they have built it in Chongqing and It is located 250 meters high. It is not 250 meters tall, no: is 250 meters high. Its about The world’s first horizontal skyscraper.

That skyscraper It has a length of 305 meters and perches on four skyscrapers connecting with each other. The result is spectacular but it was not cheap: the project budget was $ 4.8 billion.

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Does Xbox Series S make sense? A deep look

Xbox Series S has been leaked With every little detail. Recently we were able to finish knowing the data that we were lacking at a technical level, and thanks to The Verge we got the piece that we needed to …

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You can apply for aid for the purchase of a car

At the extraordinary Council of Ministers held today, Friday, July 3, the Government approved the Renove 2020 Plan, destined to car purchase aids and other vehicles and that consider incentives between 4,000 and 400 euros in the case of private …

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