which is the cheapest and most expensive destination

Enjoying coastal areas, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands or provincial capitals, taking cultural, nature or spa trips… All this to promote active ageing. These are the objectives pursued by the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso), which …

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Max Verstappen flies to pole position in Australia without Sergio Pérez and the Mercedes surprise Fernando Alonso

Max Verstappen has not failed in Albert Park. The world champion and world leader will start from pole position at the Australian Grand Prix, after stopping the clock in 1:16.732. Verstappen gave him some uncertainty, but in the second round of Q3 he set a time that was unattainable for the rest.

Verstappen is doing very well not only the race, but also the fight for the title. Because Sergio Pérez, his partner and in theory his main rival, has been eliminated in Q1. Pérez will start last after suffering a run off the track into turn 3, presumably due to mechanical problems on his Red Bull.

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The EU approves poo as a novel food

Published 1 April 2023 at 08:25 In a first step, bird droppings from a smaller number of bird species that are currently listed as threatened are approved. The spill is classified as “safe food” provided it has undergone heating to …

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