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Out of control? The Secretary of the University Commanding General Xi? Big reversal

The Chinese Human Rights and Democracy Movement Information Center in Hong Kong recently issued an article saying that US Secretary of Defense Esper recently said that it will establish a necessary crisis communication system with China. There are signs that the CCP’s army is out of control, and the “Chairman’s Responsibility System of the Central Military Commission” allows the colonel-level secretary of the “Chairman’s Office” to have power over the general. Once a sudden military conflict occurs, the highest-level general needs to wait for the secretary to report. , And then the non-professional military chairman makes the decision. However, the situation at the scene of the conflict changed rapidly, and when the secretary reported to the chairman when he was awake, the critical time for handling had been missed.

Apollo commentator Wang Duran said that there are signs that the CCP army has lost control, but he did not say specific signs. The fact that the army has lost control is certainly a great thing for the disintegration of the CCP, but I have not yet observed that the army has lost control.

The colonel-level secretary of the Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping refers to Zhong Shaojun, his old subordinate when he was secretary of Zhejiang Province and the current director of the General Office of the Military Commission. (Video screenshot)

Wang Duran analyzed that the high-college-level secretary mentioned here should refer to Zhong Shaojun, the current director of the General Office of the Military Commission. Zhong Shaojun is Xi Jinping’s supervising army and has no professional military background. The same is true for Jiang Zemin’s supervising army, Jia Ting’an, who has no background as a professional soldier, and his background is Jiang Zemin’s great secret.

Wang Duran explained that the responsibility system of the chairman of the Military Commission is actually being repeatedly emphasized and implemented by Xi Jinping as the “magic weapon” of the military. During Hu Jintao’s tenure as Chairman of the Military Commission, he was suspended by Jiang Zemin and became the Chairman of the Military Commission irresponsible. Therefore, Xi Jinping learned this lesson and used the chairman responsibility system of the Military Commission to restrain the head of the Jiang family.

Wang Duran pointed out that neither Hu Jintao nor Jiang Zemin, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, had served as a soldier. Instead, Xi Jinping still had a military history. In the CCP’s system, it is customary to supervise the army with the greatest power. The CCP’s military leaders have no actual combat experience, mainly relying on buying officials and allegiance to promotion. It is a complete joke to say that we can make a timely decision to defeat the US military.

Belgian investigation into the theft of secrets by Chinese hackers

Radio Free Asia reported that as the diplomatic war between the US and China escalated, the Belgian Evening News (LeSoir) reported on Saturday (July 25) that the US Department of Justice mentioned in the indictment against 2 Chinese citizens that 2 people from the global computer Stealing trillions of data, including Belgium.

The indictment pointed out that a Belgian software company became the target of Chinese hackers and was stolen about 142GB (Gigabytes) of information between March and April 2018. In addition to imaging tools, the target also included fluid mechanics-related algorithms, including fluid mechanics and aviation. Field related.

According to Belgian media, the Brussels justice department said it was conducting an investigation, but did not make any comments.

This year, Belgium has repeated reports of China’s suspected espionage. In May of this year, French media reported that China had funded the construction of the Maltese Embassy in Belgium and installed spy devices in the building to monitor the European Commission.

Great changes in Eastern Europe, equating the CCP with Russia as the main threat

The Voice of America reported that when the CCP vigorously promoted the 17+1 mechanism between China and Central and Eastern Europe, and actively implemented the One Belt One Road project locally, many Eastern European countries regarded the CCP and Russia as a major threat. These former communist countries have changed their attitudes towards the CCP, which is becoming a new trend.

Many Eastern European countries with a history of being enslaved and ravaged by the Soviet Union used to treat Russia only as their main security threat. The CCP has vigorously promoted the One Belt One Road project and the 17+1 mechanism between China and Central and Eastern European countries. Eastern Europe also expects to receive more Chinese investment to promote economic and trade and promote local economic development. However, some Eastern European countries now equate the CCP with Russia as their main security threats.

President of Estonia

The security reports issued by the three Baltic countries now regard the CCP and Russia as major security threats. The security agencies of Estonia and Latvia first mentioned the CCP threat in their security reports at the beginning of this year and the end of December last year. The report issued by the Lithuanian security agency in February this year mentioned the CCP threat again after last year.

India’s new regulations: review of Chinese investment

Radio Free Asia reported that India promulgated new trade rules this week, requiring companies from countries that have land borders with India to participate in bidding for contracts with the Indian government, they must accept political and security reviews by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior. This action is considered to be aimed at the CCP.

The Indian government said that this measure is to “strengthen India’s national defense and national security.”

Tit against the U.S. Anbei set up a China team

Picture: After the CCP requested the United States to close the Consulate General in Chengdu, security outside the consulate was strengthened.

On July 25, Radio Free Asia reported that when Sino-U.S. relations were strained and each other’s consulates were close to each other, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced the establishment of a China Working Group to coordinate the response to growing threats. The authorities stated that the working group aims to clarify, coordinate, and give priority to the threat from China to the United States as a whole for the Department of Homeland Security.

The Minister of Homeland Security, Wolfe, chaired the first meeting of the working group. He said that the CCP’s threats to the United States are increasing at an alarming rate through malicious activities in the fields of trade, cybersecurity, immigration, and intellectual property.

CCP announces live ammunition exercise, 5 US military planes enter the South China Sea again

Picture: On July 6, 2020, the US aircraft carriers Reagan and Nimitz sailed in the South China Sea.

As the situation in the South China Sea continued to be tense, on July 23, the 95180 Unit of the Chinese Communist Army issued an announcement stating that a live ammunition shooting exercise will be held in the waters west of the Leizhou Peninsula from July 25 to August 2, and all maritime navigation and fishing in the corresponding waters will be prohibited. For operations, vessels must be moored in the port and are prohibited from going to sea.

On the day the CCP issued the announcement, five US military aircraft entered the South China Sea.

Apollo Network Sun Ruihou reports