Optical fiber in every home, cheaper Internet and smartphones in the promises of the presidential campaign – NeeWS

During the ongoing presidential campaign before the second round of elections, promises are falling out of their sleeves, and the current president today presented another, more specifically, the Freedom Charter on the network, in which we can read that fiber optics, public administration will be found in every home and public building in the end it will be digitized, and the citizen can count on the presidential opposition to the smartphone tax and the provisions of ACTA 2. All these assumptions are contained in five parts, i.e. Internet for everyone, Yes for freedom, not for censorship on the Internet, Further digitization of administration , Equal start in the digital world for every student and Not for smartphone tax.

And although they all sound reasonable, the truth is that you can promise a lot, and it will certainly be realized as always. Let’s start, for example, from the end, i.e. the presidential opposition to the smartphone tax – Andrzej Duda is a president from a specific political camp, who is the originator of the said tax, or rather a reprographic fee (and from many devices, e.g. tablets, laptops or smart TVs, because smartphones are just one example) and it’s hard to imagine a veto on this issue, so it’s probably a carefully thought-out campaign.

And although it is difficult to disagree with the legitimacy of subsequent parts, such as the Internet for everyone or an equal start into the digital world for every student, in which the president promises fast, free internet and modern multimedia devices in schools, and also proposes work computers for teachers and children from poor families, at the same time it is difficult to imagine the implementation of these demands, especially in the context of the huge expenditure of the state for other purposes. The same applies to bringing fiber optics to every home and public building, because although a good idea, one has to take into account that there is still no such possibility in many areas of large cities, not to mention small towns or villages.

The situation with the other postulates is exactly the same, because there is probably no person who would not want the Polish administration to finally move to the Internet, ending the times of sticking out in kilometer queues to settle certain matters – all you have to do is mention what is going on in communication offices. The last promise is probably the easiest to make, because in fact the president … promises nothing in it, but only informs about his firm opposition to ACTA 2 and censorship on the network and the lack of consent to the European Union’s activities in this dimension, which we will they had to realize. In short, we will be looking forward to fulfilling these promises …

Source: GeekWeek.pl/PAP