“Open your heart like a little finger”… Korea’s smallest aortic constriction surgery success

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An ultra-low-weight, premature infant (hereinafter referred to as a “premature infant”) born with a congenital heart disease and weighing only 590g was given heart surgery and was held in her parents’ arms.

Professor Kim Woong-han of Seoul National University Children’s Hospital revealed on the 3rd that he opened a 3cm wide baby’s heart that is only the size of a little finger and saved his life after 5 hours of major surgery. It is known that the baby who has undergone heart surgery has the lightest weight in Korea.

Ultra-premature babies born under 1 kg usually have all organs immature, such as the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. Born as a premature infant with a weight of 590g and a height of 30.5cm in 31 weeks of pregnancy,’On’ was born with aortic constriction, a congenital heart disease.

Aortic stenosis is a serious disease in which the aorta is narrowed and blood does not flow well under the chest. Oni had a narrow aorta, so he had to open the arterial duct by administering a medicine (PGE1), so that the blood reached the whole body and was in danger. The heart was also burdened, so diuretics and blood pressure medications were given.

The operation was urgent, but he was born at 590g and could not even perform the operation immediately. The primary goal of medical staff is to increase the baby’s weight as quickly as possible until he or she weighs more than 1 kg for safe surgery.

However, the process was not smooth. Not only was Oni’s intestine not healthy, but Taebyon was blocking it. In the neonatal intensive care unit, a contrast medium enema was performed, and fortunately, Oni managed to overcome the weight and prepare for surgery.

Then there was a hump. The aortic constriction gradually narrowed and hypertension continued. The medical staff decided to operate urgently after determining that the baby’s weight was 1,110g and was unable to postpone any more on the 46th day.

Aortic constriction surgery is known to be the most difficult operation in the field of cardiac surgery to be performed on very low birth weight premature infants weighing less than 1,200 g. This is because the heart must be stopped and the blood is circulated out of the patient’s body with the atrium or ventricles exposed to the outside, and the aid of an artificial cardiopulmonary device is required to supply oxygen. Oni also had ligation surgery for arteriosclerosis.

Fortunately, with thorough pre-operative planning and organic consultation, the operation was successful. There were no common complications. Currently, Oni, who sucks a bottle by himself and is recovering smoothly at 2,240 g, is discharged.

Professor Kim Woong-han of Pediatric Thoracic Surgery, who performed surgery, said, “It is hopeful that only 1.1kg of Oni will undergo heart surgery and grow healthy without complications.” “If you don’t give up, it will be a great hope that you can cure it.”

Prof. Lee Kyung Kim, Head of the Intensive Care Unit, said, “Oni’s parents have given courage to love their baby, and our medical staff has done their best.” Please pay me.”

Reporter Lee Ji Won [email protected]

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