As the Maribor Police Administration added, online users are advised to carefully check the authenticity of electronic messages that require them to enter personal or sensitive data.

The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (Furs) also warns that these are attempts at fraud and false messages, so people are urged not to fall for them and not to communicate or enter their data anywhere. As they announced last week, taxpayers have been informing them every day for almost two weeks about the messages they should have received from them regarding overpayment of tax.

Everything looks fine and dandy, but…

At the same time, they point out that fake messages take on new forms every day and are more and more elaborate, so that they look more and more similar to their true overall graphic image, so they once again call on taxpayers to be extremely careful, as it is a scam and fake messages.

Recipients of such notifications should simply delete them and not enter any information anywhere, Furs advises. They added that they can always check their information regarding the status of payments and obligations with them in eDavki, and they can also contact their call center with questions. They can be reached on the number 08 200 1001 for individuals, and on the number 08 200 1003 for legal entities.