The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most successful video game series of all time: the car-shooting series, which has caused numerous scandals, has been with us since 1997, and the last new part of which (excluding the remake) was released in 2013.

After the release of GTA V nine years ago, gamers would have quickly demanded a sequel, which was justified from the point of view that GTA IV came out in 2008. However, the sixth part did not want to arrive, the developer Rockstar Games did not even communicate about it until the beginning of this year: the ice was broken in February, and they mentioned that they were already developing a sequel.

However, the deliberate lack of information has been removed for a while: to a GTA forum one user uploaded 90 recordings of the upcoming game, which are almost an hour long in total. There have already been several similar attempts, so the authenticity of the footage was immediately questioned, but after the fact that the footage shows developer tools that can also be seen in the leaked videos of the studio’s other games, and the fact that the publisher started blocking YouTube footage, all signs point to the leak being real.

One of the most anticipated video games of recent years 1 has been leaked

The recordings themselves were made between March 2021 and September 2022, the longest video – in which, for example, the hostage-taking by the previously rumored female protagonist can be seen – is 3 minutes and 8 seconds long. According to the forum member, he downloaded the videos from the internal chat network of the employees, whose quantity suggests that Rockstar’s networks were hacked and hacked.

One of the most anticipated video games of recent years 2 has been leaked

There is no information yet on exactly when GTA VI will be released.