Omas Funeral Home in Depok Filled with Mourners Tonight – Senior comedian Betawi Omas passed away on Thursday (07/16/2020) this afternoon. According to the family, Omas died because of diabetes and lung disease.

Observation Suara.comOmas’s funeral home in Depok, West Java, tonight, has been filled with mourners. They are Omas neighbors and family.

Some fellow artists have also been seen there. So far there have only been Elly Sugigi and Said Bajaj Bajuri.

In front of the Omas house, a tent was erected. Some carpets are also held so that the sailors can sit after praying for the body of Omas in the house.

Until this news was written, the mourners still continued to arrive.

Profile grannies

Omas is the brother of comedian Mandra and Mastur. This woman who was born in Jakarta on May 3, 1966 began her career in the art world by playing Betawi traditional art, Lenong.

Omas joined the Lenong Betawi group with Okky Lukman and other friends.

From the lenong stage, Omas began to explore the world of soap operas. The name Omas increased after starring in my Sun soap opera.

In this soap opera, Omas plays his own character in a frank style.

Upik Abu and Laura became the next soap opera starring Omas. Again he gets to play a cheerful character.

Some other soap opera titles starring Omas include Cinta Fitri (Season 7), Young People Who Make Love, Due to Early Marriage, Children of Men, and Fatih in Kampung Jawara.

Besides soap operas, Omas has also filled the ASAL (Original What is Fake) program on Trans7. But since 2017 he has not been able to shoot a lot anymore.

In addition to a career in the entertainment world, together with his brothers Omas founded PANGSI (Preservation of Betawi Cultural Arts Studio) in Depok. This Betawi art studio was established to continue to preserve Betawi arts and culture which began to disappear eroded by time.

Omas died at the age of 54 years. His departure left three children named Muhammad Rizky Dioambiah, Dinda Olivia, and Dimas Aji Septian. Omas is also a widow for divorcing her husband in 2002.