Official OnePlus Nord photo shows up at Amazon India: triple camera

The OnePlus Nord release is approaching and the manufacturer is increasingly letting go about the affordable device. OnePlus has now gone a step further and posted an official photo of the Nord on the Indian Amazon site.

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Official OnePlus Nord photo

Rumors and renders have been circulating the internet for a long time, but recently the Chinese smartphone maker has also shared more about his upcoming OnePlus Nord. Now OnePlus has also shown the back of the device for the first time with a photo.

The image was published on a OnePlus Nord page on Amazon India and appears to be from a teaser video that the company shared on social media. View the OnePlus Nord teaser on Instagram.

The picture is unfortunately not so sharp and does not reveal very much, but it does give us a better look at the cameras. Contrary to many rumors, it appears that the device offers a triple camera. Previously, many analysts suggested that the OnePlus Nord had a quadruple camera setup.

In addition, we see that the edges at the back are slightly curved, something that also does not apply to the front. This does summarize all visual revelations, but luckily the picture teaches us more than just that. This publication makes it abundantly clear that OnePlus will release the phone soon, most likely sometime next week. If we are to believe the rumors, this will happen on July 10 in India.

OnePlus Nord price and specifications

The OnePlus Nord seems to be an attempt by the manufacturer to show its fans that it can still make affordable phones. While rumors of the hardware kept popping up, however, the price has been a mystery for a long time.

OnePlus has now confirmed the price and says that the Nord will be released for 499 euros. For this you get, among other things, a Snapdragon 765G that supports 5G. In addition, you can expect a 90Hz screen with two selfie cameras at the top left.

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