Now you can use cars with more than five seats at Uber

A bill passed by Parliament states that you can use Uber or other alternative transport services and cars with more than five seats.

The bill received the decisive vote of the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, awaiting promulgation so that it can be applied. Under the new law, drivers making alternative transport will be able to use cars with up to nine seats (including the driver’s).

Why couldn’t a car with more than five seats be used at Uber

The Government Emergency Ordinance number 49/2019 regulating alternative transport specifies the conditions that cars must meet in order to be used in services such as Uber, Bolt, Yango, Free Now or Black Cab. Among them is a controversial condition, which requires that cars used for alternative transport have no more than cynical seats, including the driver’s seat. The measure was adopted at the request of carriers, who feared that ride-sharing companies would compete with passenger transport services by minibus.

The bill adopted in Parliament thus providing for the limit change for cars that make Uber from five seats to nine seats. The explanatory memorandum to the draft law states that such a provision is necessary because the regulation in GEO 49/2019 contradicts the definition of the car as specified in GO 27/2011. According to her, the car is the vehicle “with at least four wheels and a maximum construction speed of more than 25 km / h, designed and built for passenger transport, which has a maximum of nine seats, including the driver’s seat.”

According to the initiators of the bill, the limit of five seats is thus discriminatory, given that even cars with a maximum of nine seats are considered cars by GO no. 27/2011, but they cannot perform alternative transport, because they have more than five seats.

Uber is already available in Romania in six cities, after the alternative transport service was launched in Constanța, this summer.