Note, This Reason is Important Assistance When Children Watch Video Shows – Video shows can have a certain impact on children, especially those under the age of five. At that golden age, children’s brain development is developing rapidly.

So naturally the child will easily absorb also imitating the scene or speech he watched. Therefore, child psychologists from the Three Generations Saskhya Aulia Prima M.Psi said that choosing a spectacle that is appropriate to the child’s age is very important.

“(Choosing children’s viewing) It’s really important, that’s the key. Digital or screen shows are one of the children’s learning media,” Saskhya said during an Instagram live broadcast with Mother & Baby, Monday (07/06/2020).

Saskhya explained that early childhood actually requires direct interaction. While watching, according to him, does not promise there is a two-way interaction that can be followed by children.

In addition, children under the age of five do not yet understand that television shows cannot always be imitated.

Illustration of watching TV (Photo: shutterstock)

“Children, especially those who are still under five years old, have not been able to adjust the real and not real. If it is not appropriate in value, he can follow,” he said.

He gave an example, the scene of skipping buildings that occurred in the superhero film, did not rule out the possibility of children being imitated because they thought the incident was real.

Children also have the potential to follow the style of speech to the intonation of the soap opera characters watched with their parents.

“Children, if you see us grooming, he can imitate too. Same with watching too,” he said.