An important decision was made on Thursday for the future of Formula 1: teams unanimously voted to stop developing resources at the end of the 2021 season. The stables and resource suppliers agreed on the draft before representatives of Formula 1 and the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

The change was initiated by two energy drink formations, Red Bull and AlphaTauri: they will lose their current partner, Honda, at the end of this year. Since the engine manufacturers were not crowded to help Max Verstappen’s team, it is likely that the Japanese resource will be prepared for the races in-house. However, since Red Bull is not a factory team and has not built engines before, the key to staying in F1 is also to keep resources roughly the same performance in the future.

Details of the agreement will be made public at a later stage, as will exactly when development resources will be banned.

A decision on the fate of the sprint races was also scheduled for Thursday: the idea arose that on the three weekends of the 2021 season, the starting order for Sunday’s race would be decided by a short Saturday race. Although the news was positively received by the teams, the details have yet to be agreed.