On February 18-19, 2021, the Budapest Police Headquarters carried out an inspection in the framework of a strategic partnership concluded with the Budapest Transport Center to filter out motorists who use bus lanes illegally. A video of the operation was also made:

During the campaign, 81 people were taken action for unauthorized use of the bus lane. Due to other traffic violations, on-site fines were imposed in another 30 cases, 1 violation report was filed, and administrative fines were imposed 4 times.

Police also revealed what excuses the motorists tried to avoid punishment: “I couldn’t find free parking in the area.” “Can’t you stop for a minute?” “I just jumped into the store.” “I came for my grandmother.”

For the people of BRFK, this was the third more serious bus lane control action in a short time: however, compared to the events of January, more people have now been punished.