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Nitra achieved the third victory in the series and got one point on the first place in the table, but the second Slovan had a good evening duel in Spišská Nová Ves.

Extraliga – Round 16

HK Nitra – HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce 3: 0 (0: 0, 3: 0, 0: 0)
Goals: 32. Volko (Švarný, Nemec), 35. Raskob (Holešinský), 40. Varga (Tvrdoň, Buček) Judges: Snášel, Novák – Durmis, Valo, suspension: 4: 7, power-ups: 1: 0, weakening: 0 : 0, 1216 spectators.
Nitra: Honzík – Pupák, Raskob, Švarný, Nemec, Vitáloš, Bodák, Socha – Tvrdoň, Hrnka, Varga – Buček, Rockwood, Holešinský – Sýkora, Bajtek, Volko – Drábek, Šramaty, Múčka – Molnár
Michalovce: Kaarlehto – Macejko, Bokroš, Gajdoš, Mudrák, Stripai, Mihalik, Ťavoda – Keränen, Cameranesi, Regenda – Founier, Mráz, Erkinjuntti – Galamboš, Suja, Žitný – Kukuča, Buc, Mašlonka – Hájnik

The opening third brought a balanced hockey room to the odds. However, both goalkeepers performed in an excellent light, who did not let a single puck behind their back.

The closest to the opening of the score were Vitaloš on the home side in the 14th minute and Buček a minute later, but they swung to Kaarleht or above his goal. The people of Michalovce subsequently inflamed Honzík with the flow of Erkinjuntti and missed the Regenda gate in the immediate vicinity.

At the beginning of the middle part of the game, the guests rejoiced for the first time, but to no avail. Fournier ran a shot from the blue line with a high stick and so the goal did not pay. This moment the “Corgon” started, then took the initiative and worked out some good opportunities.

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In the 27th minute, Márrák saved Kaarleht with a sacrificial block of Buček’s shot. However, Dukla did not take this warning seriously enough, as she subsequently collected up to three times in eight minutes.

In the 32nd minute, Švarný stretched from the blue and turned his tough shot on the ice into the first goal in the highest competition Volko – 1: 0.

Raskob increased the lead for 35 minutes into the game. Before leaving for the cabins, Varga ran a shot from Tvrdoň in a power play – 3: 0.

Despite the three-goal lead, the nitrates did not shrink into the defensive shell. On the contrary, with an active approach, they forced the Michalovce family to foul, winning a number of personal fights and walking behind three points.

Both Buček and Sýkora could still increase the score, but Kaarlehto kept the guests at least in theoretical hope of scoring. On the other hand, the defense of the home team did not surprise and helped the flawless Honzík to the first zero in Nitra’s jersey in the match.

1000th point Bystrice

The hockey players of HC Košice won the 16th round of the Tipos extra league over HC 05 Banská Bystrica 5: 3.

For the Banská Bystrica team, it was the jubilee 1000th match in the highest Slovak competition.

HC Kosice – HC 05 Banska Bystrica 5: 3 (1: 2, 2: 1, 2: 0)
Goals: 6. Romančík (Chovan, Paršin), 29. Paršin (Pereskokov, Saucerman), 35. Paršin (Klhůfek), 44. Bartánus (Tansey), 60. Bartánus (Paršin, Deyl) – 8. Výhonský (Tamáši, Jendroľ) , 16. Berger (Fossier, Cardwell), 36. Cardwell (Scherbak, Berger). Judges: Štefik, Müllner – D. Konc Jr., Hercog, disqualification: 1: 3 for 2 min., Power-ups: 0: 0, weakening: 0: 0, no spectators.
Košice: Riečický – Šedivý, Saucerman, Deyl, Tansey, Cibák, Romančík, Jacko – Klhůfek, McPherson, Bartánus – Paršin, Chovan, Pereskokov – Rogoň, Belluš, Lapšanský – Jokeľ, Havrila, Milý
Banska Bystrica: Belányi – Breton, Boldižár, Cardwell, Ďatelinka, Crevier-Morin, Španko, Fatul – Mistele, Ihnačák, Kabáč – Fossier, Berger, Šoltés – Vašaš, Bubela, Gabor – Výhonský, Tamáši, K. Jendroľ – Ščerbak

Kalle Kaskinen, coach of HC Košice: “It was a difficult match after a long break. Banská Bystrica confirmed that it is a strong team with an excellent offensive. We were supported by the goalkeeper Riečický and Paršina in the 2nd period directed us two goals behind the victory. I am glad that we entered the next part of the season victoriously after the national team break. “

Tuukka Poikonen, coach HC 05 Banská Bystrica: “It was the same result and a similar match as in our previous match in Košice. Unfortunately, we have paid again for not changing the chances. We created a lot of them, but we were not efficient enough. You have to change your chances against a team like Košice. I am satisfied with the performance of our team, the players tried. “

Defenders Oliver Fatul, who came from the Bratislava Capitals club, and Patrik Španko, as part of the alternating starts from Brezno, attended the premiere in the guests’ jersey.

The “steelworkers” had a better start to the match and after Chovan and Paršin confused the heads of the opponent’s defense, the defender Romančík achieved his first goal in the extra league – 1: 0.

The collected goal was taken over by the guests who increased their activity in the first period and were also rewarded with a goal. In the 8th minute, Výhonský equalized to 1: 1, who also scored the first goal of the current year.

Neither Mistele nor Fossier’s chances were over yet, but from the 16th minute the “rams” were already leading when Berger ended the pressure of the legionary formation – 1: 2.

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At the beginning of the second period, both teams reached the first power play, but they did not change the score in them. In the 29th minute, Pereskokov pulled out Paršina, who was not stopped by Breton, and the Russian striker overcame Belányi – 2: 2.

Paršin was delighted to score the 3 – 2 goal after he saw his shot go between the legs of the advancing goalkeeper following some good play down the right wing after 35 minutes. However, the home team’s lead lasted only 30 seconds, as they did not guard the pre-goal area and Cardwell equalized 3 – 3.

In the 44th minute, Bartánus tried to surprise Belányi with a puck from behind the goal, and although it seemed that Tansey had scored a goal, they finally attributed it to the Košice striker – 4: 3. The people of Košice had a power play for a short time, in which the guests managed and after the Kabáč escape they could even settle, but they did not succeed.

In the 55th minute, Lapšanský could have secured the lead of the home team, but he did not succeed in a promising chance. In the end, the Banská Bystrica team got to a game without a goalkeeper, during which Ihnačák had a promising chance, but the goal fell on the opposite side, when Bartánus closed at 5: 3.

Prešov decided in the first period

Hockey players Dukla Trenčín lost in the 16th round of the Tipos extra league on home ice with HC GROTTO Prešov 3: 5.

The newcomer to the competition laid the foundation for the triumph in the first period, after which he led 3-0, and stretched the winning streak to six matches.

HK Dukla Trencin – HC GROTTO Presov 3: 5 (0: 3, 1: 1, 2: 1)
Goals: 26. E. Švec (Tybor, Mikyska), 49. Tybor (Mayor, Rehuš), 55. Bezúch (Paukovček, Kudla) – 2. Zagrapan (Jendroľ), 8. Charbonneau, 16. Šimun (V. Fekiač, D .Ružička), 36. Čacho (Šimun, Charbonneau), 60. A. Nauš. Judges: D. Konc senior, Kalina – Gegán, Bogdaň, disqualification: 3: 5 for 2 min ,, power-ups: 1: 1, weakening: 0: 0
Trenčín: Valent (from 16. Bowns) – Lemcke, Kudla, E. Švec, Mayor, Chovan, Nátny, Martiška – Tybor, Mikyska, Bezúch – Valach, Paukovček, Honzek – Minárik, J. Švec, Berisha – Krajč, Rehuš, Hudec – Krajčovič
Prešov: Bespalov – Bakala, Rajnoha, Růžička, Rais, Turan, Jendroľ, F. Fekiač – Charbonneau, Čacho, Welychka – Sýkora, T. Nauš, Michnáč – A. Nauš, Zagrapan, Lalík – Šimun, V. Fekiač, Žilka

The people of Prešov started actively and took the lead in the 2nd minute. Jendroľ passed to Zagrapan, who overcame Valenta. Subsequently, the people of Trenčín did not use the power play to exclude Viktor Fekiač and collected for the second time in the 8th minute.

Charbonneau, who surprised Valenta with a shot from an angle. With 16 minutes played, Šimun nearly put the visitors another one up as he broke through in the middle and fired from just outside the box, but his shot passed just over the bar.

At the beginning of the second period, Trenčians pushed the guests down and reduced them to 1: 3 in the 25th minute, when E. Švec surprised Bespalov with a shot from behind the rings.

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The people of Prešov then survived two weaknesses unscathed and in the middle of the match Welychka was able to restore them to a three-goal lead, but Bowns managed to move. In the 34th minute, however, the guests increased to 4: 1, when the exclusion of Hudec was punished by the agile Čacho.

At the beginning of the final period, Paukovček could have reduced after Valach’s pass, but Bespalov pulled out a good intervention. Trenčians were able to score in the 49th minute, when Tybor swiftly took the shot. The home team went on to make the score 3 – 4 after 54 minutes.

However, the Trenčians did not manage to equalize and during the final power play they collected the fifth goal from the hockey stick of Aurel Nauš.

Clear win Zvolen

The hockey players of HKM Zvolen won Wednesday’s match of the 16th round of the Tipos extra league over MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš high 5: 1.

HKM Zvolen – MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas 5: 1 (1: 0, 3: 1, 1: 0)
Goals: 15. Jedlička (Hraško, Zuzin), 30. Stupka (Kubka, Saracino), 38. Zuzin (Stupka), 39. Stupka (Jedlička, J. Mikúš), 51. Leskinen – 29. Salija (J. Jurík). Deciding: Výleta, M. Korba – Frimmel, Janiga, suspension for 2 min: 6: 7, power-ups: 3: 1, weakening: 0: 0, 100 spectators.
Elected: Rahm – Kotvan, Hain, Diakov, Roy, Hraško, Kubka, Barcík – Török, Jedlička, Zuzin – Krieger, Puliš, Leskinen – Stupka, J. Mikúš, Saracino – Chlepčok, Marcinek, Csányi – Gubančok
L. Mikuláš: Kozel – Vaartinen, Ventelä, Salija, Shepelev, Mezovský, Ilenčík, J. Nemec, Kurali – Obdržálek, Hovorka, Kriška – J. Jurík, S. Petráš, Michalík – Čuvilov, Walega, Matúš Paločko – Kalousek, M. Uhrík, Dunčko

In the opening third, Zvolen had the upper hand. He got into the first serious chance in the fifth minute. Hraško knocked out a pass from the guests, sent Mikúš into the escape, who fired hard with a knock, but Kozel tamed the puck with a knockout. The home team did not use the power play in the next minutes and could shout for it.

They took over the players badly and Obdržálek found himself on a 100% opportunity, but he scored the goal in front of Rahm. The reigning champion finally turned more activity into a goal in the fifteenth minute. Hraško threw the puck at the goal and even though he didn’t hit her, he bounced off the back guard in front of Jedlička, who didn’t hesitate – 1: 0.

Roy could have added a second goal to the break, indicated a knock, then pushed Saracin into the action and he shot himself against Kozel.

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At the beginning of the second act, the Zvolen did not use the second power play, but they already had a chance in it. Leskinen and Stupka did not change them. Even with the full number of forces, the hockey players tried to increase the lead under Pustý hrad, Csányi was closest to the goal, but he only aimed at Kozel. And so it fell on the opposite side.

The Liptovs benefited from the first exclusion of the opponent. Hraško sat on the penalty bench and after 1 seconds he equaled the numerous advantage of Salija, who burned everything that stood in his way from the blue. The home team found a quick response to this intervention. They took the lead in the next minute.

After the pass of Kubka, the free Stupka prevailed in front of the goal – 2: 1. The guests could counter Hovorkom, because he had a very good opportunity from the right side, he fired without preparation, but Rahm intervened well. Then the Liptovs did not use the second power play, the flow of Šepelev was especially dangerous. HKM could regret the unused renumbering of three to one, Csányi was caught by Kozel.

At the end of this part, the master showed the strength in the use of powerlifting. Zuzin increased to 3: 1 from the right circle, and when Stupka pushed himself at the left goalpost with a shot into the upper goalpost, from where the puck traveled to the goal, the break was 4: 1.

At the beginning of the third period, the guests did not use a four-minute overtime, Krišek was closest to the goal, but missed the puck. Even in the game of five against five, the Liptovs were a bit more active, but there was no opportunity.

On the contrary, it was created by home players, specifically Krieger, who was sent a puck like a Leskinen tray, but the first-mentioned hockey player scored an empty goal.

After a short tussle with the defender, Zvolen finally tucked the ball home. In the next few minutes, it was basically just over. Kozla did not use the mistake for Puliš’s sixth goal.

Next matches

18.00 HK Spisska Nova Ves – HC SLOVAN Bratislava

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