Nina Moric reveals that Fabrizio Corona is shorter than she: ‘He always wore heels, even at the wedding’

Fabrizio Corona would be slightly more bass by Nina Moric. Or at least that’s what the showgirl says. The 43-year-old of Croatian origins has revealed that the former paparazzi manager for not deface by his side he used to wear gods increases in shoes. And he would do it on their day too marriage. In some Instagram Stories in which she appears with her son Carlos, Nina talks about how tall all her family members are: “Carlos is called genetics, your grandfather, that is, my mother’s father, was 2 meters tall and 2 meters tall, I am tall 1,83, my sister Tina 1.84 “. On the ex-husband Fabrizio Corona, married in 2001, he adds: “E’ 1 centimeter maybe less than me, 1 and 82 “. At this point their son, 18 years old next August, asks: “E’ humiliating for him?”.

Nina Moric, 43, reveals that her ex-husband Fabrizio Corona, 46, would have used to use shoe lifts in order not to look shorter than her: she would have done so also on her wedding day

Nina then explains that Corona, 46 years old, used to wear high shoes when he was with her, in order to look taller. He would do it on their day too marriage. “Humiliating to be shorter than I am? He always put on gods increases. Even at our wedding a rise was made, so at least it seemed more alto, he said chuckling.

Recently the former model had already dealt with the topic of “height” with his son, who in a few weeks will come of age. In fact, the boy dreams of becoming a player basket and for this he would like to be as high as possible. “You are tall a metro e ninety-two and you’re 48 “, he said, addressing him in other Stories published on the social network.

Carlos, 18 in August, talks tallly with his mother Nina
Carlos, 18 in August, talks tallly with his mother Nina

After years of media and legal confrontation, for some time Nina and Fabrizio have returned to having a relationship serene, for the sake of their child but not only. Recently you were among the very few guests to take part in the birthday of him (he turned 46 on 29 March during the lockdown).

Written by: on 3/7/2020.