Oscar winner Nicolas cage (57) will transform into a vampire again in front of the camera. He will take on the role of Dracula in the film Renfield, Universal Pictures reports. Nicolas has already played the role of a bloodsucker in the comedy horror film The Vampire Kiss by the director Roberta Biermana from 1988. The film Renfield will focus on a fictional title character who appeared as early as 1897 in the Irish writer Dracula‚Äôs novel Brama Stokerja. The Briton will play the role of Dracula’s servant and Renfield’s helper Nicholas Hoult. He will direct the film Chris McKay. Nicolas recently experienced the premiere of his film Pig, in which he plays the owner who is robbed of his beloved pig, a great truffle hunter. The star, who is getting married for the fifth time this year, this time to a 26-year-old Japanese woman Riko Shibata, otherwise he currently enjoys the role of grandfather the most, as his children have already made him happy with his four grandchildren.