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The world of wine is an ambitious new project since the Portuguese tourism industry has high expectations.

After five years of development and invested 105 million euros, this one a large complex opens in Porto.

The World of Wine, abbreviated WOW (from World of Wine), consists of six museum experiences, nine restaurants, bars and cafes, an event space, an exhibition space, retail facilities and a wine school.

The complex is located on an area of ​​over 55,000 m2 in renovated old wine cellars. It represents new cultural district in Porto and is one of the largest tourism projects to be launched this year in Europe. It is designed with a central square that offers a great view of the city and the river Duro, and is designed to offer a full range of first-class themed experiences for everyone’s taste.


In the part of the complex called Wine Experience At the tastings, visitors discover the wine regions, the influence of climate on taste, the types of grapes and the production methods that make wines so diverse.

Porto Region Across the Ages presents to visitors the history of Porto, its inhabitants and culture in the context of winemaking.

In part Planet Cork the emphasis is on the underrated but innovative and sustainable cork shutter manufacturing industry.

Bridge Collection – 9,000 Years of Drinking, presents the story of humanity in an interesting way – through the evolution of drinking vessels. Chocolate Story it deviates a little from the main theme – wine, and takes visitors into the world of chocolate.

The world of wine aims to define Porto's cultural and historical experiences as a cultural destination

Photo: Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Later in the year, WOW will open its sixth experience – Fashion & Fabric Museum (Museum of Fashion and Fabrics), which deals with the history of the Portuguese textile and fashion industry. WOW school wine will offer one-day and multi-day workshops on Portuguese wines and gastronomy.

Each of the experiences will offer and educational presentations, interactive and historical exhibitions, which evoke the identity and heritage of Portugal.

The world of wine aims to define Porto as a cultural destination with its cultural and historical experiences. He tells the story not only of the wine for which the city is world famous, but also of Porto, its inhabitants and life through the centuries. From this summer, the world of wine should be on the list of attractions worth visiting for every visitor to Porto.

The project is the work of a partnership between Fladgate, owners of famous regional wine brands Taylor, Croft, Fonseca and Krohn, and luxury hotels in Portugal, including Yeatman and Infante Sagres in Porto and the Vintage House Hotel in the Dura Valley.

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