New message: Then the summer heat is back

The last week has offered rain and debris in large parts of the country.

Furthermore, yesterday was only a single plus degree at SMHI’s measuring station in Idre mountains.

Of course, when many people are taking their holidays, they want warm and sunny weather. Perhaps this is especially important this year as many will be vacationing in Sweden.

Soon the summer heat is back. Image source: Stina Stjernkvist / TT

And there is some happy news!

In Friday’s News Morning in TV4, the meteorologist told us Martin Hagman about next week’s weather.

– It will be a little cool during the week, but ahead of next weekend there are tendencies for it to build up a high-pressure spine, he says in the program.

Heat back

This means that the weather is again warmer and more stable.

Warmer and more stable weather during the next weekend. Image source: TV4

It’s Friday and Saturday ahead that you can expect the heat to return. However, there will be no new heat records.

– It looks a little more positive now than it did a few days ago, after all, it’s still a week’s time. But I bet on that, Hagman concludes TV4.