New epidemic rules at German airports – Aviation

Keeping the distance and the mask – these are the requirements at German airports. However, there are more new rules.

Passengers reappeared at the airports, airlines resume transport to holiday destinations and more and more people have the courage to travel, despite the fact that it is difficult to maintain the recommended distance on the plane.

For the best protection of passengers, airports have introduced a whole series of additional rules for navigating them and modified passenger check-in procedures.

Distance and masks

The federal police, who keep order at airports, stick to the principle of “double the length of the hand,” or about 1.5 meters. In areas such as check-in, security control and baggage claim, signs and markings remind you to keep a distance. In addition, most airports have to wear masks throughout the entire check-in area, i.e. at terminals, in stores, restaurants and transport, such as buses and queues between terminals. Children under the age of six and people who cannot wear a mask for health reasons are exempted from this obligation.

Less hand luggage

Many low cost airlines have limited free hand luggage in recent years, but not all. For many airlines, you can take a small carry-on suitcase and a small bag with you. It is different now: some airports and airlines, at the behest of the federal police, have further reduced hand luggage. Only one piece of hand baggage per person is allowed for all passengers. This is to reduce the time of security checks and boarding, i.e. situations where many people stand together in a limited space. “This should reduce the risk of infection,” explains Sandra Kraft, Lufthansa spokeswoman. For some airlines, such as Lufthansa and Eurowings, extra hand baggage can be checked in free of charge. “Baggage, however, must meet the requirements of the tariff,” explains Jannah Baldus, Eurowings spokeswoman.

And if you can’t do without two pieces of luggage? Then you need to store a smaller piece of luggage in a larger one.

Less contact during security checks

At airports where the federal police are responsible for checking passengers and baggage, the checks are slightly loose. This is to reduce physical contact between staff and passengers. “You can, for example, wear gloves and a mask during a security check,” says Verena Ballig, spokeswoman for the federal police. You no longer need to remove your belts and shoes.

It is recommended that small items that are regularly touched be placed in hand luggage or in the pockets of the jacket. It may also happen that you will have to arrange the items yourself in the tub passing through the scanner. These tubs are regularly disinfected. Care is taken to ensure that travelers schedule more time for checks. Due to protective measures, inspections may now take a little longer.

Limited gastronomy and shopping

If someone is at the airport too early and wants to look around the stores, this one may be disappointed: not all stores have been re-opened. In addition, some stores have reduced working hours. It is recommended to pay without cash. Food and drink are allowed in terminals, but not all restaurants and snack bars are reopened.

Airport tests

Frankfurt am Main airport has recently been offering coronavirus testing so that passengers can avoid quarantine at their destination. Testing points are to be open until the end of July 2021.

After landing

After landing at the destination and collecting luggage, do not stay at the airport for longer than absolutely necessary. Persons collecting aircraft passengers should wait outside the airport building.