New emojis for the people

Those of us who use Android smartphones will soon have the opportunity to cool new emojis to our messages when we write to friends. Google is planning to bring new emojis to their keyboard, Gboard.

Emojis have become insanely popular, and it is also smart that you can quickly send a small drawing to friends instead of long explanations. Such a “thumbs up” is an elegant symbol that you find the case in order. Or if you send a grinning face, then the recipient knows that you have felt more than well entertained.

Personally, I use emojis if I find it natural. I’m not the type who over-sticks my text messages with emojis, but it can be easy and quick just to insert an emoji that emphasizes how I perceive the situation. Today, for example, I inserted three emojis when I said happy birthday to my cousin who lives in Canada: The Canadian flag, the Danish flag and then a heart.

Become a beta tester

But as I said, there are new emojis on the way for Gboard users. A human couple giving each other a hug, a half-smiling face, a human with a veil, a woman in a suit, a person feeding a baby and so on. There should also be new animals on the way like emojis. A dear bison or a beaver sitting on the back of a bear.

The new emojis are thus on their way to Gboard users, and it is intended that Google will launch a new toolbar so that it will be easy to insert the new symbols. Now I use a different keyboard, so I do not have to wonder if it has already happened. But you just need to be set up as a beta tester, I’m told. You can apply for this via the link below.

Become beta tester