NEVS shows autonomous shared car –

With a touch of Aston Martin

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the company that, among other things, bought the remains of Saab, has presented an autonomous shared car. The futuristic appearance is called Sango.

NEVS introduces PONS, a concept version of a car sharing program that in this case includes an electrically driven and autonomous vehicle: the Sango. NEVS believes there is a great future for such autonomous shared cars, “[…] because there are 1.3 billion cars worldwide that use only 5 percent of their existence. “The Sango is a 4.27 meter long block box with a strikingly futuristic design. It may be a bit silly to look directly for external similarities with a other model, but we could not help but highlight the set of lights similar to the rear lights of the Aston Martin One77 at the rear of the Sango.

The 1.95 meter high and 2.02 meter wide Sango stands on a fully electrically powered platform and has a 62 kWh battery pack in its bottom with which, according to the WLTP cycle, more than 200 city kilometers can be covered. The 2,500 kilo ‘waiting room’ on wheels has an 11 kW on-board charger with which the battery pack can be fully charged again in 5.5 hours. The intended top speed of the Sango is 70 km / h, although the current test specimen is still limited to a speed of 15 km / h. This is followed by a test version that should be able to reach 50 km / h. The Sangos eventually have to be tested in practice in a small test fleet of 10 in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

NEVS Sango

NEVS has engaged AutoX to develop an autonomous system that monitors the environment with various lidar sensors, you can see the lidar tubes on the roof. The idea is that the Sango can find its way through the city completely autonomously, so level four. Inside depending on the selected mode in which the Sango drives up to six six places. The chairs are movable, rotatable and removable, which makes it possible to use various configurations of the furniture. NEVS also speaks of a version in which four people separated by a wall can take the Sango from A to B. Ordering the Sango and settling the payment should be done through an ingenious Okulo baptized phone application.