Népszava Two companies in Szentlőrinc got involved in a dispute, a man fired into the air

He said he had found the animal on the side of the road not long before.

A according to a police statement at a gas station in Anvil, a car driver who was found not to have a driver’s license was patrolled by Monor patrols on Wednesday morning. An alcohol test was used against the 49-year-old Gyál man, which showed a positive value. The driver said two gallons of wine slipped down his throat before he sat behind the wheel. The police had other things besides the production, as they found a whining puppy in the trunk. They soon cut a plastic bottle in half, filled it with water, and drank the animal, according to the driver, collected not long before from the side of the road. While one of the patrols was babusitting, his companion called for help from a staff member at a nearby dog ​​rescue organization, leaving the ebet in his care.

The driver was prosecuted in the Administrative Police Department of the Monori Police Headquarters for driving without a license, and criminal proceedings were instituted in the Traffic Police Department for suspected driving while intoxicated.