NATIONAL EVALUATION 2020. The first results of the special session were published

UPDATE The results of the special session of the National Assessment 2020 were displayed. Based on the code received for the exams, the high school graduates who took the National Assessment in the special session can access their results online.

216 graduates participated in the special session, according to the report of the Ministry of Education and Research. The results can be accessed online.

NATIONAL EVALUATION 2020. According to the calendar of the special session, the first results will be displayed on Thursday, until 12.00.

In accordance with the General Regulation on Data Protection – RGPD, as well as at the request of the National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing, the Ministry of Education and Research will publish the results of students obtained after taking national exams with anonymization of name and surname.

Appeals can also be submitted on Thursday, between 14.00 and 20.00. They can also be submitted / transmitted by electronic means.

NATIONAL EVALUATION 2020. The final results will be displayed on Saturday, July 4.

The first test of the exam, in Romanian Language and Literature, which was attended by 170 students, took place on Monday, and on Tuesday and Wednesday the tests in Mathematics and in Mother Tongue and Literature were organized.

At the normal session of the National Evaluation 76.2% of the candidates obtained averages over 5.

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