Natho juri Ronalda 1foto: Srdjan Stevanovic/Starsportphoto ©

Partizan’s penalty taker in high football society.

In the match with Cukaricki, in the 32nd round of the Serbian Super League, Partizan football player Bibars Natho scored the 20th consecutive penalty from the same number of shots from the penalty spot and had the opportunity to approach the ranks of even more famous colleagues.

Since arriving at the club from Humska, he has never missed a penalty, and the last such failed shot was in November 2017, at the time when he was playing for CSKA from Moscow.

Still active Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) has 24 such goals in the series, Southampton legend Matthew Le Tissier as well, while the record is held by Sergio Ramos from Paris Saint-Germain (25).

The first broke that series in the semifinals of the Champions League against Bayern, the second achieved such an effect twice, and the third was interrupted in the match of his Spain against Switzerland.

By the way, Natho always carries out the most severe punishment when he is on the field, so only Ricardo Gomes did it instead. He realized it once, and not once, and that match ended in a goalless draw with Proleter.

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