Nadia Comăneci Foundation placed a medical container for Covid-19 suspects at Colțea Hospital in Bucharest

The Nadia Comăneci Foundation placed a sanitary / insulating medical container for people suspected of Covid-19 at the Colțea Hospital in the Capital.

”The Nadia Comăneci Foundation develops programs especially for the support of gymnastics and sports in general. But during this period, health comes first and we must be with those who need help the most. At the request of Dr. Mihaela Tevet, we mobilized and managed to donate two vital functions monitoring equipment with the financial support of Evenimentul şi Capital Publishing House and SB Corporate Limited. Transgaz agreed to join the joint effort and supported us in placing a medical container in order to generate an isolation area for patients admitted to Colțea Hospital, so that, for a short time, citizens at risk of coronavirus infection can be treated. without being hospitalized in the hospital wards waiting for the results of the COVID tests “, said Virgil Munteanu, Vice President of the Nadia Comăneci Foundation.

Thus, the Nadia Comăneci Foundation sponsors the Colțea Hospital in the Capital, providing medical staff with a medical container to isolate patients suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus. Support could be provided with Transgaz and Game World Romania.

The medical container was placed in the courtyard of Colțea Hospital on July 3 and will be maintained in the identified space together with the hospital management for a period of at least four months, depending on the evolution of infections with the new coronavirus.

The Nadia Comăneci Foundation will bear all the costs related to the placement of the medical container in the hospital yard.