My Mårtens on the conflict with Magdalena Graaf: “The truth will come”

It’s Blog Monitoring who noticed a stirring conflict between the profiles Magdalena Count and My Mårtens. What this is all about is still unclear – but that there is disagreement between the two – something is clear.

Magdalena Graaf has a feud with My Mårtens. Image source: Stella Pictures
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My Mårtens
My answers to her fans who commented on Magdalena on her blog. Image source: Stella Pictures

“I went in and looked now and saw it … when you and 25 people write this. It always happens when she writes someone about me,” without mentioning names “then the hate against me starts again … comments and bullshit.

The difference today compared to a few years ago is that I did not care. In the beginning I was sorry…. when I really cared about her. For real.

But over time I understood….

the truth was that NO ONE in the vicinity of Maggan was allowed to be near Mona. Everyone would “boycott” Mona. It’s always the case with Maggan, she controls and poses with people in her surroundings …. Decides who to like / dislike.

I was young and naive. Did not know better. No excuse, but today I would never let anyone else influence me in the way she did then.

I didn’t know Mona very well. But believed what Maggan said.

I have not despised her either. If it is something I am, it is straight and honest. I say what I think to the party involved. ( for better or worse )

It was Maggan himself who talked shit about Mona, started mocking her, and idly explaining her to everything and everyone. Partners, friends, acquaintances. Became obsessed with stopping all planes possible.

With the facts in hand I know exactly how Maggan acts, she has been running that race against me for several years now…. ( and other)

Without having “taken the leaf” from my mouth….

The truth is not very complicated.

The sisters were unfaithful, it was up to each man. Me and a few girlfriends were accused of “golting”. We were in the “wrong” place on the “wrong” occasion, ie in the same hotel room.

A stupid thing from start to finish.

But it turned out in the end that it was the guy himself who had simply screwed this up …

Then you may think that “the truth came out” and that you could then apologize for a completely meaningless Vandetta against me, which has been going on for years ….

But it is difficult to back away from something you have thrown so hard.

I just want to be left alone, and the sisters feel good

We live completely different lives in different places … I enjoy that, “My writes.

Magdalena has not yet responded to My’s post.