Mussolini won't even hear: Bulgaria is looking for an exit to the seaPhoto: Radenko Topalović

Dnevni list “Times” wrote exactly 100 years ago today about the reaction of the then Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini to Bulgaria’s request to get access to the Aegean Sea.

“Mussolini won’t hear about Bulgaria” was the headline in the paper that no longer exists today, and the text said that the previous day in Lausanne, Bulgarian Prime Minister Alexander Stamboliski asked Italy to support Bulgaria’s territorial interests.

“During the conversation that Stambolijski had with Mussolini, the Bulgarian president presented the reasons with which Italy should help Bulgaria with regard to its access to the Aegean Sea,” it said, and in the rest of the text it was stated that Mussolini refused to help Bulgaria.

“Mussolini replied that Italy cannot stand up for those who do not think they are doing her similar favors,” it was pointed out.

Since Bulgaria is unable to do anything for Italy, Mussolini cannot stand up for its demands, was the conclusion of the Vreme newspaper at the time.

Mussolini won't even hear: Bulgaria is looking for access to the sea 2

The entire issue can be read on the National Library link.

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