Mussolini has also done good things

The casual foul language, the pleasantly demanding physicality, the ability to lose control in the same moment in which he seems to have him firmly between the reins and traces of endemic sympathy. Alessandra Mussolini it has nothing that is not perfectly consistent with the television presence of our times, and the fact that it will be among the big names in the new edition of “Dancing with the stars”, should not give rise to any upset.

Contesting his participation would be like demanding a calm and elegant TV, when the taste of the arena has remained the only motionless engine that makes the remote controls move. So while he awaits his arrival on the track on the model of Massimo Decimo Meridio, it is also good to remember that Ms. Mussolini on home television and entertainment has already given a lot. From the “Domenica In” with Pippo Baudo, who sent her here and there to hum without warning, to the landing in Japan with the disc signed Malgioglio, from the survival tests of “We tough men” to the I see I do not see but perhaps it is better that you see of Playboy, the Duce’s granddaughter has always held up the good name of the family by venturing boldly into a mechata version of Vittorio Sgarbi.

With which, moreover, before the peace sanctioned with a kiss on the lips in Barbara D’Urso’s living room, she had to say about varied rings, the most sparkling of which dates back to the beginning of the Pupa and the nerd where vaffa and manate flew hand in hand , as the foundation stone for building the house of insulting freedoms. But as his grandfather had to say, “the woman is analytical, not synthetic. Have you ever done architecture in all these centuries? Tell her to build me a hut, I don’t say a temple. It can’t. “

So the basis of the furious quarrel instead of spacing like a large plan construction, for Alessandra she concentrated on her surname. «If you are witty, a cardboard will arrive», «If someone says” Mussolini piece of shit “you get a complaint”, “At the votes for the President of the Republic I asked for a few votes for me in order to force Boldrina to pronounce my grandfather’s name »,« Be careful how you say my name, do not allow yourself, how dare you allow yourself »and so on, hopping from the brawls with the minister to those with Giampiero Mughini.

In any case, apart from her negligible parliamentary performances, her unconstitutional belief and the artistic stumbling block during which she produced paintings “as scratches of life”, Mussolini has also done good things. No train on time at the moment but he will certainly be working on it. Between steps.