Mushrooms appeared in the forests around the capital

Most often, people can come across deer mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms or pigeon mushrooms in the forests around the capital, Péter Mészáros, a spokesman for Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt., Told InfoRádió.

Photo: / Dániel Szabó

Due to the recent rainfall, mushrooms have appeared not only in Pilisi Parkforce but also across the country. In the park forest in the catchment area of ​​the capital, hikers can regularly encounter only a few hundred of the more than two thousand species of mushrooms. But you also need to know that 58 of these species are protected – Péter Mészáros drew attention.

It is most common in the forests around Budapest

  • the deer,
  • the chanterelle,
  • the pigeon mushroom,
  • and tinor mushrooms, including the delicious boletus, which with its brown hat is quite a striking phenomenon in nature.

Even in the Pilisi Park Forest, only two kilograms of edible mushrooms can be collected for personal use. If someone wants to collect or sell more than that, they need a separate permit, it quotes Infostart the interview.

If you have knowledge of mushrooms or have passed a professional exam, it is not necessary, but mushrooms collected as a simple hiker should definitely be tested by an expert.

There are usually mushroom experts in the markets to whom you can take the collected mushrooms there and make sure that you are sure to consume non-toxic mushrooms.

he added.