Municipal in 2020 in Marseille: Ghali asks Rubirola to be his first assistant


Samia Ghali, during the municipal campaign in Marseille

POLICY – Merger in sight in Marseille. After a week of hesitation and negotiations, the queen maker, Samia Ghali, seems to lean to the left.

The senator ex-PS, whose voices are capital for the election of the new mayor of Marseille, said on July 3 to AFP to have asked Michèle Rubirola, head of list of the union of the left Marseille Printemps, to be his first assistant.

“We share values”

“This request seems legitimate to me. Firstly, because beyond the values ​​we share, I am the one who can allow him on Saturday to be effectively mayor of Marseille. Then and above all because the desire to rebalance our city and take into account working-class neighborhoods can no longer be mere words, ”explains the senator, re-elected Sunday in her popular sector in the north of the city, in a press release sent to AFP.

Michèle Rubirola, who absolutely needs the 8 seats of Samia Ghali to be elected mayor of Marseille should not oppose this request, but in Marseille “everything is possible”.

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