Municipal elections | Marseille: Samia Ghali asks to be Michèle Rubirola’s first assistant

The former PS senator Samia Ghali, whose voices are crucial for the election of the new mayor of Marseille, announced that she had asked Michèle Rubirola, head of the union list of the left Marseille Printemps, to be her first assistant.

“This request seems legitimate to me. First because beyond the values ​​that we share, I am the one who can allow him on Saturday to be effectively mayor of Marseille, “explains the senator, re-elected Sunday in her popular sector in the north of the city.

“Then and above all because the desire to rebalance our city and take into account working-class neighborhoods can no longer be mere words,” she added.

“Marseille can no longer be done without the northern districts”

“Last night, for the first time since the election held last Sunday, I met Michèle Rubirola. I clearly told him of my sincere and loyal desire to be by his side in order to participate in the rally that is essential today to enable change in Marseille, ”writes Ms. Ghali.

“So I clearly reiterated to Michèle Rubirola that Marseille could no longer be done without the northern districts”, which have the most impoverished districts in the second city of France, she continues.

“The moment of the union of the city, of reconciliation between its north and its south, of taking into account all these forgotten and despised people must finally arrive”, estimates Mrs. Ghali who affirms to have formulated her request to be first assistant “on their behalf”.

“The ball is in his court”

“I now await serenely and as a free woman the response from Mrs. Rubirola. The ball is in his court and it is today his responsibility as future mayor of Marseille to create the conditions for a rally which I hope for, ”she concludes.

Arrived widely in terms of votes in the second round of municipal elections across the city in front of the LR lists of Martine Vassal, the Marseille Spring, the union of the left and environmentalists led by Ms. Rubirola, has no absolute majority of municipal councilors.

However, the election of the mayor will take place on Saturday at the municipal council and the eight votes of the elected representatives of Ms. Ghali therefore constitute an issue in view of this “3rd round”.