Mualaf, Deddy Corbuzier Learned the Koran with Aa Gym Since 20 Years Ago – Deddy Corbuzier is known to have converted to Islam in June 2019. But who would have thought, he had recited the Aa Gym since decades ago.

The story was dismantled by Aa Gym when asking about the nostalgia of her meeting with Deddy Corbuzier.

“Do you remember what year you didn’t take recitation?” asked Aa Gym on her YouTube channel on Sunday (5/7/2020).

Laughing, Deddy Corbuzier recalled. That he often goes to the study of the cleric whose full name is Abdullah Gymnastiar.

“This many people don’t know, it seems like it was almost 20 years ago. When I was a non-Muslim, I had joined the Aa Gym recitation, “answered Deddy Corbuzier.

Not just once, but several Aa Gym study meetings were attended by the father of one child.

Head of Daarut Tauhid Islamic Boarding School, Bandung, KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym. (Among)

“Every time there is a recitation in Jakarta, four to five times, I always take Aa Gym lessons and are very happy,” said the artist 43 this year.

Deddy Corbuzier also remembers the story well when Aa Gym provided a special room for him when other pilgrims wanted to perform the prayer.

“What’s interesting is, again there is a continuous prayer of Aa Gym saying ‘Here is the Deddy mas’. Then I was appointed, going out or smoking first is okay, “he recalls.

For Kalina Oktarani’s ex-husband, Aa Gym has proven that Islam does not discriminate between people. Because whoever he is, is definitely embraced.

“I am a non-Muslim who can enter the mosque to hear Aa (lecture), that’s amazing,” said Deddy.

Aa Gym allows. Because Islam really teaches practice to anyone, including non-Muslims.

“Islam is a blessing of alamin, a religion that brings honor to the whole world. Not just for Muslims, but anyone. Because Islam is the gift of God, ”Aa Gym toilet.