MSI presents the PRO MP241, its new all-terrain monitor with IPS Full HD panel for working from home

Teleworking has grown considerably in popularity in recent months and hence manufacturers present and promote their new ranges of devices with this type of use in mind, hinting at the advantages they will bring us in daily work tasks but also highlighting possible uses on the leisure side.

A clear example is the new monitor that has just been announced MSI under the name PRO MP241, a screen with a diagonal of 24 inches (23,8), panel IPS and Full HD resolution.

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It is an off-road model designed for office tasks, surfing the Web, watching videos and also having an occasional game, with a ergonomic support It can be tilted and adjust the angle of the screen so that we can get a more comfortable position that suits our needs.

With a luminosity of 220 cd/m2 and a 1000: 1 contrastIts 178-degree viewing angles on both axes should allow viewing of content from all directions without loss of contrast. In addition, it has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 7 ms, enough to play non-intensively.

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MSI has also chosen to incorporate various protection technologies for the sight of users, such as a anti-glare filter which reduces the discomfort of working with the screen for many hours and a reading mode that reduces eyestrain. In terms of connectivity, a puerto HDMI and on the other D-Sub (VGA) to maintain compatibility with older equipment.


Price and availability

The new monitor MSI PRO MP241 It will go on sale in the coming months, but the specific date and the sale price have not yet been revealed by the manufacturer.

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