More than two million Volvo models have a fault

Volvo, a Swedish carmaker owned by China, is withdrawing nearly 2.2 million cars worldwide from sales for fears that seat belts could become less efficient over time. This is the biggest car withdrawal for the brand so far.

Stefan Elfstrom, a spokesman for the company, told Swedish media that a “rare” problem with seat belts had been discovered in some of their cars. The car manufacturer believes that the steel cable connected to the front seat belts can weaken under certain conditions. Eventually, the cable can be damaged, leading to a “reduced seat belt function”.

Volvo states that the omission did not lead to accidents or injuries, adding that the measure is preventive.

The move will cover cars produced from 2006 to 2019, including some of Volvo’s best-selling models, such as the XC60. The list also includes models, the Volvo S60, V60, V70, XC70 and S80, while the new generation of cars is exempt from recall.

The Volvo brand bought the Chinese Geely from Ford in 2010. Focusing on “the world’s leading position in car safety”, Volvo announced last year that the new cars would have their speed limited to 180 km / h.