“Mismanagement of the EPO, with possible deceit, brought us to pre-determined decisions”

PAE Aris issued a statement on Friday, announcing an attack on the EPO on the issue of the ban by FIFA.

The “yellow-blacks” speak of “wrong manipulations of the EPO, with possible deceit” which, as they emphasize, “brought us before the final decisions” referring to the fact that, while FIFA informed the EPO with an official document that the case concerns the current PAE, The federation never announced the document so that the team could act legally.

In fact, the people of Thessaloniki emphasize that their legal service has been activated for this specific issue.

In detail, the announcement:

“From the beginning, PAE ARIS did not bear – and does not bring – any responsibility for the ban, imposed on it by FIFA, regarding the cases of the former footballers, who appealed to the World Federation. This is clear and indisputable.

As the tangle of the case unfolds, thanks to the actions of the PAE and its legal service, it turns out that a series of failures and mishandling of the EPO, with possible deceit, brought the PAE to a final decision, which is now called to overturn.

For example, while FIFA informed the EPO in an official document that the case concerns the current PAE, the EPO never notified us of the document, so that we can act immediately. It should be noted that the EPO had notified us of a decision before the official announcement of FIFA.

This is just one incident.

We do not know whether he was aware of the president or not, Mr. Grammenou, but it is clear that Messrs. Dedes, Davakis and Bartzis, while they knew it, either … neglected it, or operated with possible deceit.

The case will continue ΠΑ PAE ARIS will take all necessary steps to determine whether there is indeed fraud on their part because the Association has suffered damage for which some will be held accountable.

The legal service of PAE assesses the damage and will proceed with lawsuits and lawsuits against anyone responsible for criminal and civil liability “.