Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs is aware that the work of a minister requires a whole person. Therefore, on Monday, in his free time, he drove to Croatia in the company of his mother with the intention, as he explained to a POP TV journalist, to check with his own eyes at the border how consistently Croats check the reasons for crossing the border.

The minister’s mother owns real estate in Istria. She could have entered Croatia with a negative test for coronavirus, but they did not have it with them, so the Croatian police gave them two options. Quarantine by testing or return to Slovenia. The minister decided to return. In short, the mission completed successfully.

Hoys added that he did not want to take advantage of his ministerial position, so he did not officially announce his visit or use a diplomatic passport. He also claims that he did not violate the decree banning the crossing of regional borders and municipalities in Slovenia, as he recently bought land in Koper, which allows him to cross regional borders.