Min-ho Jang and Shinji’s pink’thumb’ alleged explanation “The two seem to have something… It’s just a friendly relationship” (Mulberry School)

Singer Jang Min-ho (top photo, real name Jang Ho-geun) and group Koyotae Shinji (left second photo from above, real name Lee Ji-sun) resolved the suspicion of the pink’thumb’ (not yet a lover, but close to each other).

In the TV Chosun entertainment program’Mulberry School’ broadcasted on the 15th, fixed stars’Trotman F4′ singers Young-woong Lim, Young-tak (real name Park Young-tak), Chan-won Lee, and Min-ho Jang and coyotae appeared as guests.

On this day, Jang Min-ho and Shinji were alleged to have been suspected of being on the air.

The cast stared with doubt as Jang Man-ho and Shinji sat down to confront the Canary Bokbulbok.

Singer Boom (in the third photo above, real name Lee Min-ho), who appeared as a broadcaster, asked the two to “tell me three things about each other’s strengths.”

Jang Min-ho said, “It’s honest, pretty and sings well” as Shinji’s strength.

Shinji praised Jang Min-ho for “Singing well, being good and living hard.”

In response to this, Koyotae Kim Jong-min (fourth photo from above), who watched the two, suddenly said, “They look so good together,” and laughed.

Shinji was embarrassed, saying, “How many fans (Jang Min-ho’s) are, but driving them like this makes me frustrated.”

When the cast drove the relationship between the two people into a thumb atmosphere, they said, “We are close. Please don’t get me wrong.”

Meanwhile, Jang Min-ho made his debut as an idol group Ubisu in 1997, and in 2011 turned into a trot singer and released a song called’I Love You Sister’. Since then, the TV Chosun entertainment program’Mr. Trot’, which ended last March, won the final sixth place and gained great popularity.

Shinji debuted in 1998 as a coyote, and was loved by many hit songs such as’Soon Jung’,’Performance’, and’Blue’, and appeared as a judge in’Mr. Trot’.

Hyewon Lee, Online News Reporter [email protected]

Photo = TV Chosun’Mulberry School’ broadcast capture

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