Microsoft Edge: Force to User

Many Windows 10 users recently surprised an element they never installed of their own accord. Most would think it was a virus, but it’s actually the latest Microsoft Edge action.

Thus, “affected” users were able to relax, as they were not hit by ransomware, but by a new version of Microsoft’s web browser, which the company gave to users. shipped with new Windows 10 update, without these having previously ordered it. After starting the device, and after a successful Windows 10 installation, Edge booted up automatically, trying to “convince” users to give up the browser they use, and turn to it. Surprised users were not offered the opportunity to give a negative answer, and Edge also pinned on the taskbar, without anyone allowing him to do so before.

It is important to know the users after the last Windows 10 update, they can no longer uninstall Edge, and experts compare this move with previous Microsoft actions, and the import of Internet Explorer with Windows. There are many dissatisfied users, who interpret this event as a desperate move in the fight for web browser dominance, and call it “new abuse” by Microsoft.

Izvor: The Verge