Michelle Hunziker: ‘My daughter Aurora’s boyfriend is a wonderful boy’

Michelle Hunziker has no doubts: “The fiance of my daughter Aurora it’s a wonderful boy”. The showgirl confesses it candidly to Corriere della Sera, who interviewed her on the web. The 43-year-old blonde is completely conquered by Goffredo Cerza.

Michelle Hunziker: ‘My daughter Aurora’s boyfriend is a wonderful boy’

“Thanks to the lockdown all together at my house in Bergamo I got to know the best fiance of Aurora: it’s a wonderful boyhe underlines with his usual beaming smile Michelle Hunziker. The quarantine allowed her to get more familiar with him, an engineering graduate in London, and discover her most hidden sides.

The showgirl completely conquered by Goffredo Cerza

Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo have been together since mid 2016, however, the relationship was made official in 2017. The 23-year-old eldest had introduced him to his mother who, at the time, had told: “I was very good. When I saw her face as a lover I got her into the car and I started with the third degree. At the moment she is calm and that’s okay. But, as someone would say, they are all his own. “

The quarantine allowed her to become more familiar with the boy

Now, after some time, he believes that Cerza is the right man for his little woman. Michelle is happy for her, the family is her priority. And speaking of the fourth child, when the inexorable question comes to her, the Swiss replies: “For the moment, no, I give priority to the family, I am already the mother of three beautiful daughters, the youngest ones give me physical work because they are full of vitality while the big one, who is 23 years old, works with my heart and the head: he is entering the world of work, I always wonder if he does the right things as a mother. Then I am 43 years old, I am not very young, if it arrives I would be happy, but in a little while I begin to become one who is not brought to another pregnancy … “.

Written by: the 7/7/2020.